Looking for a private 30 minute session with ME? Look no further! I am so excited to finally offer what you guys have been asking to do for years! Starting in March, I will be accepting only 19 pitchers to book a private zoom session with me. 

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30 Private Minutes

You'll get 30 private minutes with Me to work on your pitching! Address areas of concern or let me guide you through an evaluation of your mechanics. I'll give you an idea of any special tools you might need for the session but don't worry - we can always improve with just yourself and your pitching motion!

Follow up

After our session you'll have access to training content that is specific to your needs. This is where I'll recommend what exercises and drills to do in order for you to make the best adjustments. You'll even have a workout schedule designed just for you. By the time you book your next sesion I'm positive you will have made HUGE improvements!

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I can't wait to meet you :)


Send me an email at [email protected]